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Palmers Chemical Inc, is a global trading company that handles , chemicals, fertilizers, and other innovative raw materials with a focus on environment as well as preservation of natural resources, continuous development of quality and services.

About Us

We are founded on the belief that the best ideas don’t come from companies – the best ideas always come from customers.

Our company doesn’t succeed until our customer does.

We aim to become a company that can acquire reliability and respect from the society by delivering continued satisfaction to the clients through our business operations.
Our employees take pride in their jobs and work hard in friendly rivalry with each other, in which we seek possibilities for company growth and development.

In the fields of chemicals, fertilizers, and many others, we wish to serve as an expert company that not only delivers the materials and products demanded by the clients, but also carefully focuses its sights on emerging tasks the clients are facing and thinks together with them to come up with optimum solutions.

Our Values

  • Integrity
    Conduct business with high ethical standards and be honest in all internal and external relationships
  • Diversity
    Encourage diverse opinions, respect ideas from all stakeholders and cultivate a culture of mutual respect
  • Effort
    Demonstrate personal commitment through effort and investment in your work
  • Accountability
    Be responsible for your role and obligations in the organization
  • Service
    Provide exceptional service and honor commitments to our business partners

Goals and Mission

  • Promotion of growth strategies
    In order to expand the scale of our operations to attain the above goal, the primary prerequisite is to take a great leap towards becoming a company that is recognized by society.
  • Challenges to emerging business fields
    We challenge emerging business fields that appeal to society.
  • Enhancement of corporate status
    Every employee aims to be a societally reliable business person.
  • Palmers Chemical Inc.has exclusive distribution agreements with multinationals in these sectors,It plays a key role in helping many of its customers to compete successfully in distant and highly competitive markets, by providing cost effective logistics for their chemical raw material needs.
  • The company offers a high quality, reliable and, above all, a complete delivery service of chemicals that covers the whole supply chain, from pick-up and shipping to custom clearance and delivery to the customer’s site.
  • Palmers Chemical Inc. also prides itself on after sales technical services, which include visits by technically proficient personnel as well as regular technical seminars.
  • By leveraging our bulk storage facilities, Palmers is able to purchase, store and deliver to customers their liquid chemical requirements in an efficient, reliable, cost effective, and above all safe manner and thereby saving customers on their storage requirements as well as product costs.
  • Flexibility is also a key factor, with a full range of logistics modes offered, from drums and ISO Tanks through to Flexi Containers and tanker trucks deliveries for bulk. Drumming and blending are available at our facilities. This mean that products can be stored near to customer sites for fast delivery.
  • Handling dry freight as well as bulk liquid, non-hazardous or dangerous goods, shipping by ocean, air or truck, we have the experience to meet the customer’s needs. Whether shipping in accordance with Letter of Credit requirements, or arranging customs clearance and door delivery on a DDP sale, our experienced team maintains a keen eye to detail so that all parties involved are guaranteed satisfaction.


Palmers was founded in NJ and GA United States of America in 2004 by Bsc. Chemical Engineer Rose O. Ture. Upon the establishment of the company Palmers opened up its first international office in Istanbul Turkey in order to enjoy the benefits of the emerging markets of the region as well as the country’s logistic advantages.

Shortly after its foundation Palmers became one of the significant suppliers of industrial, agricultural as well as engineering chemical materials and an acknowledged name in the industry.

Today Palmers continues to be one of the most reliable sources of the above mentioned materials by means of adding value to its services through precision logistics, continuous research and development and consulting services.

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