Technical Solutions

Give us your problems and we will work to find the best technical solutions. Palmers is committed to provide the very best customer service. We are not satisfied to only bring you the products that you need. We will go the extra step to seek out new or better materials to enhance our customers operations. We will provide suggestions for material selection, performance enhancements and implementation of new
products. Our customers benefit from our expertise in polymer science and technology to overcome their technical problems. We offer help for new product development and formulation as well as troubleshooting your current products.

National Warehousing

We maintain inventory of both bulk and packaged product at several locations in the US. In doing this, we decrease both lead times and transportation expense and ensure prompt availability of raw materials as you need them.


At times, we will take positions on products to fill market shortfalls to help augment supply in the marketplace. We often work with our international partners to build these positions.


As a player in the global marketplace, we have strong direct relationships with producers in all parts of the world and actively work to develop new sources of supply. Your world moves quickly, and so do we.


As a value-added service to our domestic customers and suppliers, we routinely export on their behalf to their overseas facilities and partners.


Whether bulk or packaged, truck load or LTL, transport, isotank or rail, we get it delivered. We’re constantly forging the best pathways to ensure prompt and precise delivery — and to meet your evolving needs — next week, next month, next year.
By integrating our broad range of products and services with our technical expertise, we customize our offerings to suit your needs. and reduce your costs.

Custom Product Sourcing

If what you need is not on our product list, our team is happy to help you source the product. Our reach is truly global — with resources both domestic and foreign. Whether the quantity is large or small, let our resources and 30+ years of combined international and domestic sourcing experience work to your advantage.


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